[Suggestion] Saved Decks

  • I'm kind of surprised this one hasn't been suggested yet - and maybe it was and I'm blind and didn't see it in the suggestions list that @Memnoich maintains - but - we need, need, need saved/named decks that we can define and then swap in/out at will.

  • @vendraen

    I think I saw it somewhere but can't be sure. Personally, I dislike using "deck" as it implies that this is a card game . We are more memorising specific spells based on our skill level. From a roleplay perspective, and yes that is how I view this game so my opinion only 😉, it should take some time to commit a new spell to memory.

    I have seen some posts on doing things faster or having shortcuts. (Like instant potion making for example) I would vote against that as it detracts from the augmented reality focus of the game and lends more towards the console/twitch gamer. (Not meant in a mean way)

    I do understand the desire to swap things out quickly and as such I practice doing that with the mechanics that are already in place.

    Keep it sparky!

  • well instead of deck and to add to the roleplay aspect, wizards usually had a library of their important books...instead of deck our favorite sets could be called Tomes. Magic Tomes are usually where you would find spells so i think it makes sense. i like the idea of saving certain sets. especially for pvp. tailor your spells to match the opponent.

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    I think it was suggested on the old forums, and I just never got it into the suggestion page, but I can see about rectifying that.
    I like the idea of calling it something besides a deck, though to go back to the old D&D days, the spellbook we have now is what would be considered a tome, and the Deck would be a spellbook or traveling spellbook. As a tome held everything you knew, while the spell book, or traveling spell book only held what you planned on using for the day. But I agree a deck just doesn't mesh well.

  • @memnoich spellbook sounds perfect to be honest. sadly as nerdy as i can get ive never had the luxury of playing a round of d&d.

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    you know, now that I think about it, make it say 5 customizable sets, or even 3 with the ability to purchase or gain more slots (Magic dust, coins, or level), allow each slot to have a designated or customized icon, nothing fancy, just choose from these icons to help tell which deck it is and at a glance maybe whats in it. 1st set slot is default set, it is automatically chosen. Make the spell sets icon vieable and selectable from PvE Battle or PvP Duel screen, to make it quicker to change spell sets between battles/duels.

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    Armory - The ability to define equipment sets and spell decks as a quick change. Allowing to predefine your PVP/PVE sets and swap them quickly.

    So it appears it was in the suggestions after all, just not well defined

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