Where is the Augmented Reality?

  • The trailers, and precursor apps like Pokemon Go, use AR. This game advertises itself as AR.

    When is the AR being added? Kind of late in the development cycle for there not to be any.

  • @attar

    Late? The game is still in Alpha. It is super early actually. I am looking forward to seeing it myself. Welcome to the tester forums.

  • They revamped the system. So it may take time. We'll see.

    It seems more VR than AR to me at this moment, but I'm not complaining. It's still fun and has potential.

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    Depends on your definition of AR.
    AR = Augmented Reality
    PoGo uses an Augmented Reality map to show you where Pokemon and POI's are. They also have 'AR Mode' to allow you to take pictures of Pokemon in the real world.

    If you look at most of the ARG's out there, that is the only AR they have, an Augmented map that shows you where to go, and the GPS integration that follows you as you go there. At this time, I'm only aware of 2 apps that do more than that, and those are FPS-ARG's.

    So I ask you, what kind of AR are you still looking for, as compared to Pogo, the only AR difference is the camera 'AR' mode.

  • As @Memnoich and @RobynOakwise pointed out, the game is Augmented Reality, as it allows you to see herbs and such, and fight monsters, and collect chests, which you cannot "see" in the real world, without aid of the game.

    AR still doesn't have a single, objective, concrete definition.

    The first major AR game, Ingress, is much like this, allowing you to see and interact with things you can't see without the app.

  • @vendraen this is to what I was referring: the ability to see game overlay in the real world is a widely accepted definition of AR. The FAQ says the game should be in open beta now, but I see it's still alpha, hence the confusion.

    I think they should work with nearby AR platforms to facilitate both distribution of the game and implementation of AR for phones and viewers like Aryzon, Hololens and MagicLeap's advanced light field viewer.

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