New Version Available bug

  • Does this happen to anyone else? I open Maguss and I immediately, 60% of the time, get a "There's a new version available!" notification, which refuses to let me play until I update. Only there's nothing to update because... There's no update. Planning to report this bug in-game the next time I see it to get a screencap.

    Uninstall/ reinstall works (usually, only the first time), but is extremely time consuming.

    Service: Android
    Phone: LG G5
    OS: 7.0
    Reported in-game: ASAP
    Repeatable: Possibly
    Random: Fairly
    Affect gameplay: Yes

  • @wildwolfsong I get this frequently. I have to go into apps and force stop maguss.

  • This happend to me once today. The message was gone after I restarted the app and it did not appear again.

    Service: Android
    Phone: Samsung Galaxy A5
    OS: 6.0.1

  • i get it at random.

    I'd put it at around 30% for me.

    Running Android 7 as well.

  • Over half of the time that I log in. iPhone 5S.

  • Almost every times I launch here (on Huawei Honor 8) I find the advice and then the page to select characters sex like the very first time. But I easy resolve just force quiting and open a second time. The second time it work as usual.

  • @agata Sometimes that works for me. Sometimes I get the notice again.

  • I just started playing today, and on my 3rd login of the day I had this notice flash on the screen briefly, then the game started normally. I have not seen it again across several program restarts. Samsung Galaxy S6.

  • I am up to 90% of the time now, easily. I notice my interest is waning because I get frustrated having to restart the game over and over! Any news on if this is an issue being fixed?

  • I got it every time for one day, but haven't got it since. Side note - power cycling my phone instantly resolved. O.o

    iPhone 7plus on 10.3.3 iOS

  • Still struggling here. Not really sure what's going on but I hope it gets fixed soon.

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