• Been waiting to have the funds to back this game and finally started today, but the games lacks a tutorial. Is this a problem I've run into or has one just not been made yet?

  • it hasnt been made yet.

    Because most features aren't confirmed yet.

    For the time being, its learn as we go.

  • Alright, thank you. Just wanted to make sure I want somehow missing out on an important part.

  • I didn't even think about this, but you have a valid point. A lot of the things I have figured out thus far have just been through accident. Like the fact that you can have at least 5 cauldrons (assuming you want to buy that many--it makes brewing a snap!).

  • @drakatsu

    Check out the Fellowship of Wizardy forum posts. There is a little bit of help there. Home/blogs/

    You can always ask questions in the tavern of the magi too.

    Welcome to the testing crew. 😊

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