alpha key, $30, 24hrs

  • Generally I am very accomidating. $30 for an alpha mobile game is a bit steep.

    As of now it has been a bit over 24hrs. Aside from PayPal telling me it is paid, I had had no communication from the company. No payment confirmation, No alpha key, not even an automated email saying 'sorry we are a bit behind but we are on it.'

  • @jim-ennis

    Hi there and welcome to the new forum. I saw your post and checked the key purchase list on Indiegogo. I thought the 30.00 key on Indiegogo was for early beta access starting in September?

    I hope you get what you need sorted out soon.

    Robyn Oakwise
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  • Alpha Key (24hrs) $28.00 USD (+tax)
    This is what is on the site's front page.

  • @jim-ennis

    Yep, I see it now. You should get two emails. The first one is the iOS test flight information. The second for the Android version.

    Be sure to check your spam folder as some of us had to to find the second email.

    Good luck and by all means keep us posted.

    Robyn Oakwise
    Fellowship of Wizardry
    Magus of the 16th Circle
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  • 36Hrs. No emails.

  • Global Moderator

    Greetings, and thanks for your investment into making this game great.
    At this point I'd say send a PM either to @Maguss on here or on the FB page. Include the e-mail you registered with and the Transaction ID information that you should have received from Paypal, to help them track down the issue.

  • Facebook Message Sent at 10:16
    Small exchange, looking in to it at 10:40

  • Sent a message an hour ago for an update, no reply.
    It is now 10:56, so been 24hours after FB message was sent.
    Total time on this is now 63hrs

  • Hours after that last post they did get back in touch with me. It is the weekend after all.
    They were given my Transaction ID in the initial message, along with my email account.
    I even told them what key I paid for. So I was a little discouraged when today I was asked when I backed.
    I confirmed it was on Aug. 2nd at around 7:30 EST, and they told me I would be given my key Sept 1st as was written in the perk description... I shouldn't have to tell them (twice) what I paid when they have my gmail and/or the transaction ID. But I did, and provided a screen shot of the website's payment option...

    I was told: "Ah ok then, i thought you purchase a September 1st key."
    "We will try to send it ASAP."

    Why am I telling you guys all this?
    Transparency in a time of crowd-funding is important. Customers need to know how the person/people they are giving money to are going to treat that money and them as customers. No, I am not angry, or feeling vindictive at all. Just sharing my (rather respectful) interactions with them through this process.

    Paid for 24hr key: Aug 2nd 19:38 EST
    Should have had key: Aug 3rd 19:38 EST
    Currently: Aug 5th 18:25 EST
    Status: "We will solve it, dont worry. I will let you know" - Maguss Staff

  • So...
    Today (Aug 7th) at 14:28 EST I got an invite to the ALPHA!
    Case Closed? Nope. It for the iOS side, I run an android device.
    Didn't they send you Two Emails like everyone else? Nope. Just one
    Seriously? Did you check your spam folder?! Yes, yes I did.

    But how would THEY know you ran an android and not an apple device?! Well, in the transaction description email of course.
    When I bought / paid for my access it asked me "Are you an iOS User?" and I said "No" This shows up in the transaction description email.

    This is leading me to think that maybe they didn't look at that transaction email a few times now when they should have.

    Paid for 24hr key: Aug 2nd 19:38 EST
    Should have had key: Aug 3rd 19:38 EST
    Currently: Aug 7th 01:00 EST
    Status: Open

  • administrators

    Dear Jim,
    First of all, thank you for supporting us!

    I've just read the FB conversation between you and one of our representative. I've noticed, that the reason why you haven't received the key on time is due to wrong email linked to your paypal account to which the key was initially sent.

    However, I believe, the issue is now solved, can you confirm?

    Thank you

  • Solved, all done.
    all-in-all, not a bad interaction with customer service.
    way better than some I have had over the years as a gamer. :)

  • Global Moderator

    Glad your issue is resolved. I'm just posting this to add-on/answer one of your comments.

    While they ask for which model of phone you use, information for both iOS and Android are always sent out, just in case you switch phone models during the Alpha/Beta. Upon sponsoring, you should receive 2 e-mails:

    1. Email from Test Flight - Test Flight app is needed to test out any iOS app.
    2. Email with actual Alpha key - This email gets caught by spam filters very often.

    No email is sent specifically for Android as there is nothing special you need to do in order to test android app's.

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