Vintage Prague Seasons

  • Does anyone can explain how Seasons works? How long are a Season? When will the actual season finish? How many of Prague will be? Etc..
    And: I can see Season 1 and Season 3... What about 2nd? XD

  • Here's my thing. I want to know if competitive is going to be worth it... Do we get to keep the prizes and such? Or will those be wiped too?

  • I would think it will be for naught. i.e. it will be reset-ed.

    The whole point for a reset is so that everyone would start on equal grounds.

    That's why i and, i believe, many others are not dueling seriously.

    Edit: It's also stated we need to keep our alpha key for creating new accounts after wipes. I would infer, from this, that account data/progress will not be stored/kept at all. So there is no way to tell who won which season or bought which items with season/dueling points.

  • I think dueling (lightly) seriously would be nice, just because fair play with the opponents and for the dev testing... And a bit fun too :)
    Having info about would be great, be true, but I don't care so much if I cannot keep my progress at the reset. An unuseful badge or a themed piece of equipment without any power etc. would be nice to keep but it's not the point.
    My bigger disappointing issue is that when you level up on higher division becomes quite impossible to find someone to duel. Almost every time that I attempt opponents search I got the advice that there are no player at my division's level. The game is practically off :(
    If I can luckily start one I need to give up to loose to return in the lower division to have chances to duel again as usual. But I don't like this trick and ranking lost any sense for me. It's a pity. At the moment I just hope seasons will end soon ;_;

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