Daily Login prize bug

  • This has happened 3 seperate times in the past 2 weeks, and I find it particularly frustrating because Magic Dust is one of this things I imagine you can't get very easily outside of purchasing or rarely in chests.

    So yesterday I opened Maguss and selscted my daily prize by random draw (my phone will let me pay for a daily prize and then not give me anything for whatever reason). I was supposed to have gotten 15 Magic Dust. The game froze after the "Come back tomorrow" screen, and I was forced to force-quit and restart the app. When I reopened, I had not been awarded the Magic Dust and was not offered the chance to select another prize. Does this happen to anyone else? 15 Magic Dust is a LOT to miss out on. I also have a screenshot but don't know how to add it here.

    Will we even get to keep the magic dust we have now when our characters are reset?

    Phone: Android
    OS: 7.0
    Reported in-game: Yes
    Exploitable: No
    Repeatable: I haven't seen anything trigger it specifically, but I know that I see it after a "New Update Available!" screen the most lately.

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    The Magic dust not being rewarded from daily login bonus is a known bug. Not a big worry at this time as MD isn't implemented, and will be reset before release.

  • @memnoich Ah thanks. I was also "penalized" for not logging in and had to start today again at day 1 (when I was on day 4 yesterday).

  • @wildwolfsong I saw that this post was posted a while ago. But I'm having similar trouble with the daily reward. Not only Magic Dust, but after I choose a card, I have to force-close. Possibly, because there is no back button, or a small X at the bottom. Everyday this is happening to me.

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