Cannot play game with my late alpha key(TestFlight)

  • @robynoakwise

    Would you mind resending the email?

    I checked & couldn't find anything in mhy spam folder.


  • O.k checked my indiegogo stuff:

    InDemand9 - Late Closed Beta

    Includes Early closed Beta access on 1st August + Founder-only starter ring “Ring of the Ancients” + Starter set of ingredients for crafting + Redeemable code worth $20 of magic dust + Instant upgrade to a Premium VIP account with no limitations + In-game title of “Neophyte Founder” + Your name in the backer credits!

  • I bought august key alpha. After 2 days i got only Test flight option , iam on android phone, so was outside my intrest. No other mail was send to me. I contaced with Maguss on FB and have long talk. After this I get my key to game. Its realy wierd how this game keys are redestributed. Since yesterday i can play game. I Hope this are alpha problems and game will be run smother after while.

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    @chocobo Check your spam/junk mail folders and make sure it isn't in there. @RobynOakwise is not actually associated with the game other than being another tester, so she wouldn't be able to resend the Alpha key e-mail. If you are unable to find the E-mail with the Alpha key, then you will need to contact Maguss either through a PM on here or on FB. Include the E-mail you used to register, and any payment information you received showing a completed payment, to help them track down and make sure you get the correct alpha key.

  • I have yet to receive any emails regarding this....unlike marquiz, I really don't want to mess with facebook....I'll just wait till open beta-official release.

    Huge waste of time.

    See you all in a few months or whenever live release is.

    BtW Robyn, I appreciate the help, will just check here on the forums, and on the play store for any major news, Thank you :)

  • Search in your email for Maguss the Alpha Key is there. I had the same problem.

  • Queria poder jogar tbm, é chato saber que só quem paga pode jogar enquanto quem não paga fica de fora. Poderiam liberar o game, tenho certeza que várias pessoas baixaram e até gastariam dinheiro denteo do game. Só liberem o game pf..

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    @rebekie said in Cannot play game with my late alpha key(TestFlight):

    I wish I could play too, it's annoying to know that only those who pay can play while those who do not pay are left out. They could release the game, I'm sure several people downloaded and even spent money on the game. Just release the game pf ..

    The reason for the pay to play is the need for the Devs to be able to pay bills and eat while they are doing the Development. The don't want to release it just yet because it is nowhere near ready for release, and if they did, to many would download, play, complain about all the bugs and issues, call the game garbage and then it would never get anywhere or make any money because of word of mouth ruining the game. There was a time, and I know I'm showing my age here, where games weren't released until they were polished and done. None of this "It's good enough, we'll release it and fix it as the players do our quality testing". There used to be pride in releasing a polished game, but now you have game company's that are putting out games that aren't even close to release ready, but it's ok, they have a player base that demanded it, even though they leave the game after 6 months complaining about "all of the bugs".

    Open beta is coming soon, with release soon after, patience and you can play it.

  • @memnoich

    Ah the days before the demons of marketing took over and they actually listened to quality assurance teams.
    Sigh... Back you fiends!

  • Also, if any moderator reads this, please close the thread.


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