Social Suggestions (And a few miscellaneous)

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    I've been playing the game only for a little while now, but there are a few things I think would enhance the social aspect of gameplay and haven't seen already suggested (forgive me if they have been, I've spent most of my afternoon reading the forums here but goodness knows it's possible I've missed something).

    Chat Feature -
    I've seen some players post with a roleplay feel and found it unique and intriguing. Perhaps have a tab that could connect to a social chat area where players can either chat to those nearest to them or chat to their Guild. If possible, it would greatly enhance interaction. Players could seamlessly tab between game and chat and communicate with others. I think this would also decrease the spam of inevitable questions clogging the dev's inbox upon launch since players would have a readily accessible area to ask other players common questions. They could also set up duels, discuss spells, and seek assistance for banding together to defeat a dungeon.

    Sub Guilds -
    While the guilds band large groups of people together, localized sub guilds could be most intriguing. What if you're a member of a Guild, but seem to be lacking others to play with in your area? I'm not so big on PvP, but a huge fan of PvE and teamwork. Perhaps a player has a group of friends and would like to be able to chat with them (again with a chat feature interface). True texting and other chat platforms are always an option, but personally I think integrating it as a part of gameplay makes it more magical, since it becomes part of the actual game world.
    Players would be able to name and create their own Sub Guilds. To cut down on quantity, perhaps certain achievements would be required. An individual player must have (x) rating in a skill, or perhaps a master Duelest, Herbalist, and others would be required to form the founding members. Forming an alliance outside of the existing Guilds.

    Multiplayer Creations -
    A wand that grants advantages to its bearer, but must pass through many hands to be imbued with power. It must feel the strength of three victorious duels, the kind hand of three healings, the defensive power of seven shields, and the potent power of an herbal brew.
    Tricky (and likely impossible), but a cool idea would be items that are crafted that must pass through others to be created. Players would have to help each other out, and in turn others would help them, to create various items in game.

    Ability to "buff" others -
    I've always enjoyed helping others, and being able to toss a potion on a random person to give them a buff from it would be fun and give players a way to help others.

    Ability to change your avatar after creation -
    Perhaps for a fee, or perhaps through use of a potion?

    I think that's all for now. Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read. ^.^

  • I think the last point is really cool,especially healing, in multiplayer dungeons. That's if it's being made so in future.

    E.g. A 4 man dungeon. Once entering spells cannot be changed but potions can be used. 2 - 3 players deals damage and one heals/buff. Chat would be useful in forming tactics to counter a difficult boss.

    I'm here for the PVE and social aspects too. Not so much for the PVP.

  • Adding more here because I feel silly making another thread -

    Already Purchased Indicator -
    Perhaps simply turning the items to a different color in the shop or putting a marker in the corner of the icon? This is usually a problem with recipes for me, as once you use them and have them known, there's no way to see in the shop if you've got it or not. Additionally, having them listed in the order purchased rather than sorted by category is kinda weird.

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