Just bought game what do i do now?

  • I bought the 60 dollar something pack to support game will be waiting on wand of course but i did not get an email for an alpha key or when i can play also When i bought it i used my info but it didnt have me sign in to a specific account what do i do to be able to play or is it not able yet? Thanks!

  • If the purchase went through before 1st Sept. You'd probably have to wait for about 1 - 2 days.

    The next batch of mails should, based on past events, be sent out on the 1 or 2nd of the month.

    For me, the mail was sent to the email account i used to create my indigogo account.

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    The Alpha key is only tied to an email account in so much as that is where its sent to, other than that it can be used with any e-mail account.

    If you purchased this perk

    $65 USD + Shipping
    InDemand10-Early + Maguss Wand
    Includes MAGUSS Wand (physical hardware) and storage case + Early Closed Beta access WITHIN 24 HOURS AFTER THE PURCHASE+ Founder-only starter ring “Ring of the Ancients” + Founder-only starter amulet “Amulet of the Ancients” + Starter set of ingredients for crafting + MAGUSS sticker-set + Redeemable code worth $40 of magic dust + Instant upgrade to a Premium VIP account with no limitations + In-game title of “Devoted Founder” + Your name in the backer credits!

    This means you should have gotten 2 e-mails within 24 hours. Like it states in the FAQ, check your spam filters to make sure they didn't get shunted off into the trash.

    Q: I bought the 24hr alpha key, when will I get it?
    A: Within 24hr, but understand the company is based in Denamrk and they are working on the game, so they do a key dump once a day. It might be a full 24hrs from when you purchased it, depending on when you purchased it.

    Q: What to expect with alpha key e-mail
    A: You will get two emails when the key is sent out:

    1. is for IOS test flight, a required program for beta testing games on IOS, you will get this even if you specify that you are on android.
    2. is an email with the Alpha key itself. If you are missing an e-mail, check your spam, junk, and other filtered folders
      NOTICE: If you have purchased Alpha 2.0(Early Closed Beta) and used a different email address than the one you would like the key to be sent to, please fill in the following form:

  • @tc4237. Thank you very much was impatient to be honest excited and didn't read it all

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  • If it makes you feel any better, I couldn't figure out the Android directions because the Testflight directions came to my email but the Android directions went into my spam email! I was really confused about that!

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    No worries, glad to see you are excited about the game like the rest of us.

  • Ok before I use the alpha key it just hit me I am getting a new phone will it work for both or just use it on my new one?

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    it will work on both iPhone and android, you just have to use the Test flight for iPhone. When you create the account then that's it. When you get your new phone, just install the game, and log into the account. It doesn't lock it to the individual phone.

  • @justin-phillips So you got the key almost a full 24 hours after purchase, right? How's it going?
    I just bought the package and I'm checking my email every 60 seconds like an anxious student waiting for his Hogwarts letter.

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