How to make herblore and monsters come closer to my place?

  • No one monsters or herblore shown in my circle.
    I have to walk about 100-200 meters to pick herblore or facing monsters.
    When i playing in front of someone house, they think i want to steal in their home.
    Its hard when playing alone in place with suspicious mind people around me.
    Or i have to stay near bamboo forest, its realy creepy sit alone playing maguss.
    I'm sure no one else playing maguus in radius 10 miles around me.

  • @sabilal-muhtadien

    Welcome to the testing crew. Many of us have to move around to harvest herbs and hunt monsters. Perhaps a walk in a local park or commercial area with stores might yield better resources and opportunities?

    Other than friends that I know that are also testers there are no other players in my area either. Magus's is still in testing and not available to the general public.

    If you have other gameplay questions, feel free to post them or ask via message.

    Robyn Oakwise
    Fellowship of Wizardry
    Magus of the 16th Circle
    Division III Champion

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    @sabilal-muhtadien Currently there is no "Lure" for herbs or Creatures to draw them to you, you do have to seek them out. Like @RobynOakwise suggested, try wandering around local parks and in town areas. While there are several Hundred testers out there, I have yet to hear of to many people playing in the same town that didn't join the Alpha together, but you never know!

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