• How does one learn the spells and movements for casting spells at monsters

  • @seeker90 Here's a step-by-step breakdown:
    -Open your Spells
    -Select a spell. You will only be able to choose from Tier 1 at first. You only get two spell slots at first, so choose wisely. (I went with Magic Arrow and Heal Light Wounds (tier 1).)
    -Once you purchase it, click on the spell again, as you did when you went to purchase it. You will see an option "Add to deck". Click it.
    -It will then ask you to select a slot. The white line image with a small gold arrow at the end shows you the movement you need to draw on the screen to cast this spell.
    -Once you have equipped your deck, you can click "Test Deck" at the bottom to practice casting. If you have drawn the symbol correctly, the empty circle will light up with the symbol for that spell.

    Hope this helped. ^.^

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