glyphs Not working

  • For some reason I can't get my second glyph to register and when I am battling it randomly stops registering all glyphs.

    1. You have to be "in range" with the opponent throughout the battle for gylphs to register.

    2. Some phones seem to have gylph recognition malfunction due to the "phone's gyro". Advised to keep phone stable throughout battle.

  • @seeker90

    Other than the normal glyphs not working right sporadically, I was having major issues with that Deck slot 2 as well. What finally worked for me was starting the glyph lower, so, say you are looking at your character, start the glyph around the torso and not the shoulders. Hope that helps a bit. I still have issues casting from time to time, but once I used that trick, it seems to work most of the time.

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