Limit on spells?

  • First off, I want to ask if there is any type of documentation that actually gives an overview of how to play the game.

    Second off, I am wondering why during some fights I get almost to the end of the enemy's hp bar and then I cannot cast any spells for the next 3-4+ rounds until I lose. This is very frustrating. I'll be full hp, the monster will have like 24 hp left (One magic arrow) and suddenly I can't cast magic arrow or heal.

    Third off, how do I unlock the other spell slots? Monsters can cast almost twice as many spells as I can during a round.

  • There is no in game tutorial, yet. It's in the process of being made. However, in this forum, there are other users who have posted game introductory guides/FAQs.

    Gylphs not being registered in fights can be due to either user distancing away from the monster (monster has to be in vicinity of player to continue fighting it) or an internal gyro issue which some phones have (a recommended work around is to stabilize phone by leaving it on a surface/table. But it doesn't work all the time.).

    You have to level up to unlock more spell slots. Number of spells a monster have is not pegged to their level/difficulty.
    How many spells a user/monster can cast per turn is limited by the number of slots (5) and Heat (15).

    Q: What is overheat?
    A: Overheat adds more strategy to the game by making you watch what spells you cast. Each spell has a heat cost that build up heat within a fight. You “cooldown” 3 points of heat at the start of each turn. There are also spells which can add or remove heat.

    Q: Why are spell slots in the battle interface?
    A: You have five spell slots per turn when battling. Each spell has a slot usage amount. They can use anywhere from 1 slot to five slots

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