Fellowship of Wizardy Apprenticeship (chapter V)

  • Tier One Spell Basics and Strategies

    By now many of you have probably engaged in magical combat either with a monster or versus another mage. Spell combat might be incredibly frustrating and you might wonder why some of your spells are not working against other magi.

    Some magi prefer to use a defensive spell, or two if they have the memory slots, to prolong the engagement long enough to see a few of the opponent's spells that are cast to set up an informed offense. While this may give your opponent the first strike, it may provide you with the knowledge you need to prevail in the overall engagement.

    The new class based focus also limits each mage as to what spells they can use. Eventually I will expand on this section as more players talk about what spells they have access to as well as discuss strategy based on the new versions of each spell.

    Druid T1 Spells
    Dark Arts: Essence Leach, Poison Cloud
    Sorcery: Magic Arrow, Trick
    Incantations: Heal Light Wounds, Poison Cure
    Invocation: Magic Shield, Ultimate Evasion

    Some of the lowest level spells, called tier one (or T1), are quite useful even at higher levels. The T1 Invocation spells; magic shield and ultimate evasion can be used to reduce the incoming base damage amount a spell does or evade a spell.

    Healing is a support option in a memory slot that many magi use. The T1 healing spell, heal light wounds can be used to restore lost health inflicted during a battle but only during a battle. Poison cure can be useful in a memory slot if you know you will be facing an opponent that uses Dark Arts spells as many of those spells are what are called “damage over time” or DoT. The spell reduces the duration of DoT spells by one round and if timed right can eliminate some devastating damage effects.

    This category consists of mostly direct damage spells. Magic Arrow is the basic direct damage spell that generates an arrow that launches at an opponent to do damage. Trick is an odd spell that can have a large damage potential if your opponent is overheated and unable to cast spells. The Trick spell adds up the number of non used cast slots and does a small multiplier in damage.

    (Dark Arts)
    I saved this area for last as the spells in this category are not an area I use against opposing magi unless warranted. The spell essence leech is a debuff that harms the opponent and heals/ regenerates the caster for every spell the opponent casts. This spell can be useful against opponents that like to use single slot spells like Spirit Sting and even Heal Light Wounds. Poison Cloud is a basic DoT the does an initial amount of damage and damage over time.

    As you can see, there are several T1 spells that can stop, but not completely, many other spells. The fellowship, the local chapter at least, encourages it's magi to learn each spell, its advantages, and it's counters.

    There are a few spells that are either broken or not working as intended as well as some that are outright exploits that may unbalance a battle. When facing an opponent that uses these spells, knowingly or unknowingly, be careful. There are ways to still defeat them through patience and often it includes using the same spells. There are other high tier spells that do not work as listed though do not adversely effect a battle.

    Keep it sparky!

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