Will progress be reset between beta and launch?

  • The IndieGoGo tiers mention redeemable codes for certain amounts of magic dust. I know when testing games, moving from alpha to beta to release sometimes has full resets on progress and such. I'm just wondering if I'm about to pay $65 for the wand (Which is probably worth it for that much alone, less alone any other benefits you get for backing the IndieGoGo) and then have what I assume is the microtransaction currency I paid for be wiped before the game launches.

  • The actual magic dust that is purchased in that package won't be awarded until the launch, similar to the Founder's items. I am under thr impression that any magic dust obtained between now and the reset will be lost as well, which is a bummer in that you might lose quite a bit!

  • Thank you for letting me know! With that in mind I will most certainly be dropping some money for a wand, I was just worried that I would be tempted to drop my 40 dollars' worth of dust as soon as I got in. But it'll be a lot easier to enjoy the game without worrying about where my extra stuff goes if I don't have it to start. :p

  • @joseph-edward-mazzella Be aware also that the wand release has been pushed back a bit per the developers in a Dev Update a few weeks back. That said, I definitely encourage you to buy one. I bought the $65 package myself and am excited for it whenever it gets here!

  • @wildwolfsong Are dev updates posted publically or was that information you only found from buying the wand package? I'd like to absorb as much info as I can from the devs ahead of release. I'm probably still going to spring for a wand (my boyfriend is also interested in the game after I showed him some footage and talked about the wand), but I like to be as in the know as possible.

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    you can find a lot on their Facebook page as well as their twitter, But it does make it's way back to the forums as well.

  • @joseph-edward-mazzella I also got an email that mentioned it, but I didn't start getting those until I paid for and activated my Alpha Key. I seem to get maybe one or two a month, though obviously that number can vary greatly. I would check their Facebook and Twitter accounts as that's the best way to get information!

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