Various Feedback from a New Player

  • So I’ve been playing for a little bit over a week now, and overall I’m loving the game. I wanted to offer my feedback on a variety of topics, so I’ve done so below. I hope this viewpoint is helpful.

    Bugs: This isn’t the spot for bug reports, but as far as overall impressions go the game is buggy but not unplayable for me. By far the most frustrating is the glyph recognition failures, because then I lose out on time invested in a fight and possibly the opportunity the fight represented, so I lose more than the time it takes to restart the game (which fixes most of the other bugs). Not to belabor the inevitable comparison, but I’d say it’s currently worse than Pokémon Go is now, but better than Go was at launch.

    Spell design: I love the subtlety of the system and how it allows for more than just damage and healing. The variety of buffs, debuffs, DoTs, curses, and counters really helps make fights interesting and enjoyable. Occasionally, spell interactions are a little unclear until you try them out, which is mostly okay but could possibly be improved by a system of tags (such as debuff, DoT, etc.) to make it clear which spells can be affected by things like Barkskin or Mirror Curse and which spells count as “vamp”. I also note there is currently no way (that I’ve seen) to remove buffs on an opponent—not sure if this an intentional design decision or not. It could open up new avenues of counterplay, but could also be difficult to balance.

    User Speed: The game is still playable at any speed, including highway speeds, particularly for collecting herbs. Obviously this shouldn’t be played while driving, but this is great for passengers or those who take public transportation. On our recent road trip for my cousin’s wedding, my 5 year old son was very entertained “collecting leaves” on my phone. I understand if a warning needs to be put in place or the xp gains toned down when travelling quickly, but PLEASE don’t disable play at higher speeds.

    Circle of Influence: The current angled view makes the circle only accurate in some directions (too big in any direction except straight ahead). I would rather it be some odd shape and be accurate than be a rough estimate circle. A rough estimate circle (like what we have now) is better than nothing, though.

    Battle Button: When a monster is selected, and the Battle button is on screen, there needs to be some feedback as to why it doesn’t work. From my testing, it seems like the button will do nothing if the monster has wandered farther away, but since you can’t see the map at the same time it’s hard to tell, so I can’t tell if the game is still loading the battle or has rejected my attempt. Even a “Too Far” popup text like on the map screen would be helpful.

    Spell Category Names: I really think some of these could use a rework to be more descriptive. Dark Arts is curses and debuffs; this one is great—both thematic and descriptive. Sorcery is the direct damage spells. “Sorcery” is kind of a generic name, but I can’t think of something better since there isn’t really another theme to the spells like Elementalism or such. Invocation and Incantation need to be renamed, though. Incantations are spoken spells—are these the only ones that require speech? Will voice recognition be a thing in the game? (I’m not actually looking for this, but it’s what the name seems to imply.) Looks like the category is heals and buffs (although a couple manipulate opponent HP)—I would suggest renaming it Enchantment (also, why is this one plural when Invocation and Sorcery aren’t?). Invocation seems to be defensive spells (except for Alter Reality and Medusa Gaze, which don’t really fit), but the name sounds like you should be calling on a higher power or summoning something to the battlefield. I would rename this to either Abjuration or Warding. As a minor note, these renames would also prevent there being two categories with the same initial and similar sounding names (Incantations and Invocation), thus reducing confusion.

    Art Style: I’m a fan of this. Realistic-ish while being impressionist enough not to seem dated whenever graphics get better. Not cartoony, and doesn’t make me feel like I’m in an anime. A few monsters are a little more whimsical than I prefer, but that’s okay as long as not all of them are.

    Overall, thanks for developing this awesome game! I'm really looking forward to the new features and eventual launch.

  • I have not yet provided any feedback, but if I were, I'd pretty much say the same as Mijal. The most frustrating thing that needs to be addressed is the glyph recognition issues. It seems to me that most of this is due to the creature wandering off after I've gone into battle with them. Perhaps a fix for this could be that once engaged in battle, they no longer wander around.

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