Do guilds have specific spells?

  • I was just wondering if all the guilds learn the same spells or are there some spells maybe of higher level that only certain guilds will have access to?

  • @tremd20
    At the moment all guilds have the same spells :)

  • @tremd20 Supposedly each guild was going to have certain bonuses, like the High Moon Brotherhood would be stronger at night. But I'm under the impression that guilds aren't the way the devs are trending anymore...? Can anyone confirm?

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    To my understanding, guilds are changing and what we will have is player classes, this is where we will get the different spells and bonus's.

  • @wildwolfsong what the Facebook page says is that each class will have different stats, so each spell class can have a bonus damage, attack, attack critical, but not before mentioning that the statutes are different for each house or clan this too will have effect in the evade, defense and speed, although I hope that as in this the teams also continue to alter these estaticas to make the personage more personalized.

  • I have a feeling people are understanding the whole Classes and Guilds wrong, but maybe I'm the one wrong here. Classes won't be "new guilds", from what I saw I think we're just going to select our class and then select our guild, as two separate things. I played (and still play) lots of MMORPGs and that's how most of them work, anyways, but Maguss could do different, I don't know.

    Replying to the Thread Creator, though, right now spells are the same for every Order/Guild, but order-specific spells would be a nice addition IMO

  • I hope that guilds stay in some form. They're one of my very favorite bits of flavor so far.

  • i would appreciate if guilds were still a thing, cause it would make it easier to meet up and to have competitions, but yeah class systems would be good, i would love to play a support in a group of guild mates!

  • Or, we could have a class system and player run guilds/clans.

    Then they can implement a clan leveling system which provides small benefits ONLY for completing harder dungeons (maybe 12-24 man dungeons?).

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