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  • Hi Maguss team,

    I just stumbled upon your Indiegogo site, and the game looks like it has a great deal of potential! Looking forward to trying it soon :)

    Now, with Pokemon GO having been the AR smartphone game of 2016, it stands to reason to look at what they did well, and what could have been improved. One aspect in particular caught my eye - Exploring.

    Pokemon GO's algorithms distributed pokemons out in the world based on population density and Points of Interest. This means that cities with lots of PoIs would not only have an increased quantity of pokemons, but also quality. Furthermore, Gyms and Pokestop were found more abundantly here. My point is - if you lived in a city, this was great stuff. But if you didn't, you got punished pretty hard. Even semi-densely populated areas with no Points of Interests had as little as a few Pidgeys and Rattatas with the occasional rare, where in a city, you'd be seeing one interesting pokemon after another with a near endless supply of pokeballs. It was not uncommon to see level difference in gyms based on what city you were in.

    From a business point of view, this makes great sense. By indirectly funnelling the players into the same areas, it incentivizes buying for Lures (income) when lots of players are together. But after a while, people from outside the cities will stop taking the trek just to get to the city to play the game. Because it feels in some ways 'unfair' that your location puts you in a significantly disadvantaged position. And when people stop playing because of that, then you've lost the customers altogether.

    Here's my point: I hope Maguss is designed in such a way that there are interesting things to explore, pick up and fight against, regardless of where you live. There should be lots of stuff to do whether you live in the heart of the capital or in the outskirts of a rural area. It seems fair to give emphasis on some elements of the game to where people tend to gather, as long as you don't alienate the customers who cannot often go to those areas.

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    At this time the Algorithm for Creature and ingredients spawn seems to be working pretty good, as many, including myself, have gone out into the woods and rural areas and still been able to play. At this point it does seem like if you can get signal you can play. Granted not everything is implemented at this time, and POI's are not in game, but it is my understanding that when fortress's and other things are implemented, they will follow a similar algorithm, allowing you to play no matter where you are located or roam.

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