Developers' diary vol.7: The wind of change

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    Hey hey hey. Don't worry, we didn't forget about you guys. What have we done for a past 2 weeks? Well, quite a lot.

    1. We added monster packs, ingredients packs, boosters, alternate VFX and armor illusions.
    2. We added 4 classes, new attributes and changed XP system (Player Level rises with defeating monsters and other players, not by casting more spells while other skills improve with use just like before).
    3. We adjusted battle screen.
    4. We added couple of new recipes and started implementing a new brewing system.
    5. We are in the process of adding new equipment tiers with equipment items having different qualities
    6. We have started working on a tutorial.

    There is also crafting planned, an interesting way to show player's movement across the map, one exciting NPC and much more.

    We have been playing around with latest builds and although still fairly unstable, the game already looks and feels much better. The new stats/attributes allow for a fair amount of character customization and it starts to feel like a true RPG. We know there is a long way ahead but we will get there. Thanks for all the support. We can't wait to show you all new features!

    0_1505742567437_Dev Diary 7.jpg

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