Initial Order Description

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    First off, I'm greatful and excited to start helping test this new VR experience! Let's rock it!
    I'll post things as they come up for me, so we'll start with the Order Description for blue. It looks like there wasn't enough room to properly display the entire description. I thought maybe a scroll feature was broken, but saw the other descriptions were small enough to fit, so maybe there wasn't enough room for a period? Or maybe have lengthy descriptions with a scroll feature?

    Anyway, started playing yesterday, I'll keep exploring and see what other things I can help/find!

    You guys are amazing! Keep up the great work!

  • @michael-enis
    I forgot to say I'm using an IPhone 5, not sure what other hardware/software descriptions I need to post or how to easily find said information, but if someone wants to tell me how to find that so I can post with more efficiently, I'd appreciate it!

  • Keep in mind that these things are changing constantly--sounds like the order system isn't going to be carried into the future. There are going to be "jobs" instead, similar to many rpgs. Check out the latest developers' notes!

  • @wildwolfsong thanks for the info!
    I like the idea behind the orders, and it being global orders instead of houses in one particular school.

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