Daily Reward Repeater

  • Earlier today I got the daily reward, second day, was smooth until immediately after I got popped with another daily for day six, day seven, then day two. I collected the gold rewards, and after each one it told me the game needed to be updated. After the last restart it went into the game properly, but I retained the gold.
    My account is Purgefist, in case y'all want to subtract the unearned gold.

    Is it ok to post these types of bugs here?
    Should I post them elsewhere in the future?
    Running IPhone 5

  • I suggest using the appropriate format posted in one of the stickys. Or follow the other posts. Whether it gets read or not, we don't know yet. There's not much confirmation or replies from devs.

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    @michael-enis - It's fine to post bugs here, but Like tc4237 said, try and follow the posted format, it helps the Devs, and myself, organize the bugs as they come in. And yes, they do read here, they just don't post alot recently.

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