Playing on IOS and Android?

  • Hey,

    can I play the game on IOS and Android, I mean switching between these two?
    Sry for the "dump" question, but I´m new to apps, I don´t even have an smartphone at the moment.

    Thanks for the help

  • @sicklemoon That's a great question! I would assume that you could when the finished app comes out since you can log in with Facebook. However it may not work that way right now because of the Testflight/ app differences at this time. Android doesn't have Testflight and I assume once you register a key on one you probably can't reuse it before the wipe. That all being said, I am no expert, but I plan to follow this thread!

  • It can be done. Just be sure to install on your iPhone soon since the test flight link might "expire".

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