Frequent Overheating?

  • Hey guys! I have a single attack spell and one healing spell, but if I fight anything that has a moderate amount of HP I end up overheating and not being able to do damage for a number of rounds. What's the easiest way to avoid this? is there a spell combo that doesnt' cause over-heating as fast? Thanks!

  • I currently only get 3 spells. I'll cast my attack and de-buff the first round (using all 5 spell slots for that round). The next round will be the attack, and maybe a healing spell (3-4 spell slots, leaving the last one empty). Then de-buff, w/healing as needed (2-5 spell slots). By not using all my spell slots, I can moderate how fast my overheating grows. Just got to pay attention. Also, DoT spells do damage on round where you are forced to sit on your hands.

    Since switching from Spirit Daggers to Triple Slash (which is twice as expensive for Heat), heat has become a lot harder to manager.

    My current spell load out is: Triple Slash, Heal Light Wounds, and Poison Cloud. I'd like to try some of the others, but new spells are expensive and I stopped getting chests for some reason.

  • Thanks, Patrick! Do you find you can hold your own in duels with this set up? I'm about 1 in 5... but that's because most people around my area are higher than my current level 9. Most are at least 12+... but I keep farming monsters like crazy to get that 3rd spell slot.

  • @benton-cartwright-frisse

    If you get the opportunity, and want a fun little read, check out the Fellowship of Wizardy posts in the blog section. Chapter V has some stuff on tier 1 spells.

    There are several combinations and each will depend on your play style and your opponent. I will only give T1 examples with Sorcery as the main damage and very few as there are so many. 😉

    Your base heat bleeding is 3 per turn so...

    Sorcery as damage
    A patient mage might use: Absorb (2 heat), and Magic Arrow (1 heat). Absorb stops 60 instant damage and your Magic Arrow is your direct damage spell.
    Flaws: This will not stop a Dark Arts opponent as most of those spells are not direct damage and are debuff's. A few do an instant amount first then a damage over time.

    A cautious mage might use: Heal Serious Wounds (2 heat), and Magic Arrow (1 heat). This will do damage and heal you each turn and you will never Overheat. Even if you have to double heal a few turns you are safe. Full offensive? Still no risk.
    Flaws: Not many really. This is the basic practice of many beginner mages up to 10th rank.

    A Dark Arts hunter might use: Willpower (2 heat), and Magic Arrow (1 heat). Willpower all but shuts down the debuff spells found in the Dark Arts spell list. It will not stop the small instant damage on some but stops the rest completely at lower tiers. There are ways around it as you progress though.
    Flaws: You have no heal but you can go full offense with the knowledge that a Dark Arts caster can not bring the full power of their spells to land on you.

    I hope this helps. Keep it sparky!

  • Yes, the combo I'm using seems to work. As I said, I'd like to try new spells, when I can get them, but for now this is working. I just need to be careful, and not get too greedy in any given round.

  • @benton-cartwright-frisse

    A little Maguss wizdom. ;)
    The T1 spell Willpower will stop this entire build. Poison Cloud is a debuff/DoT spell and Triple Slash, the mechanics at least, require you to land the spell 3 times on the opponent and as such is also turns out to be a debuff.

    Spirit Daggers can be a great damage spell for when you encounter opponents that like to heal as the damage increases for each heal spell (charm) your opponent casts. Unless your opponent is casting 5 light heals (and that would be a huge ouch) Triple Slash does more damage if your not blocked. So damage or heal punishment is the decision. 🤔

    I hope this helps. Again, I point to the blog section. You might not be Fellowship but there is some great basic information there. I will update it when the new build drops on us.

    Keep it sparky!

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