Have not received game

  • iPhone: i have not got the game or any of the perks with it, i paid 45$, not getting the perks or any of the games after 24hrs, i hope to hear back from you soon. Im really into the idea of the game, it just sucks that I'm waiting longer then 24hrs now.

  • message them on facebook

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    @nachobusiness - Please check out the FAQS

    Q: I bought the 24hr alpha key, when will I get it?
    A: Within 24hr, but understand the company is based in Denamrk and they are working on the game, so they do a key dump once a day. It might be a full 24hrs from when you purchased it, depending on when you purchased it.

    Q: What to expect with alpha key e-mail
    A: You will get two emails when the key is sent out:

    1. is for IOS test flight, a required program for beta testing games on IOS, you will get this even if you specify that you are on android.
    2. is an email with the Alpha key itself. If you are missing an e-mail, check your spam, junk, and other filtered folders

    Otherwise you best bet for contact is on the FB page

  • I think I waited two days or do for mine... completely worth the wait :)

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