Developers' diary vol.8: The plan

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    Hey guys, new update (available for our backers) should be released within a week, week and a half. You can expect new features, many changes and various adjustments. We also made a list of things you can expect (and we will try our best to finish) in an open beta (public release). Moreover, future plans are also included:

    Features to be expected in an open beta (public release):

    1. New brewing system (also new brewing perks + couple new potions)
    2. More tiers (including equipment, monsters, ingredients,...)
    3. New equipment system - equipment quality added + color coding, set bonuses and various equipment attributes
    4. Tutorial
    5. Class system - 4 classes with unique base stats and spells
    6. New attributes (stats) system - Customize your playstyle!
    7. UI adjustments (battle screen and others)
    8. A new equipment shop layout
    9. New monsters
    10. Adjusted spells
    11. Earning Player Level XP changed (now it depends on a monster/player defeated not the amount of casted spells)
    12. Many IAP (monster packs, ingredients packs, boosters, armor illusions, alternate visual spell effects, additional cauldrons and chest slots, more inventory slots,...)
    13. Map marker changed (magic steps mechanic added)
    14. Improved combat formulas
    15. Level up rewards

    Features to be expected after open beta:

    1. Wandering Björn
    2. Crafting


    1. Trading
    2. Chat
    3. Territory Wars - Fortresses
    4. Quests

    What do you think ?
    Do you like the course we chose?
    What RPG feature would you like to see ?

    Also, check out the latest art: classes illustration for Tutorial.

    Who will you choose? Rogue?

    0_1506519342620_Dev Diary 8.png

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