How do I reset my game ?

  • I just got the alpha key and went into play the game. I tried to swipe over to see the classes and it picked one for me. Then when I was looking through the characters it also clicked it for me. I want to know how to restart the game so I can repick my class and character

  • Short of contacting the dev team through Facebook, I'm not sire there is a way right now. I am under the impression that everyone will be reset when the beta release happens, so I would just make the best of what you've got for now. Ultimately the system will have to be reset anyhow because of the class implementation.

  • As per above, not much point resetting now since class/guild system will change soon. No one knows what to expect.

    And then, there is the wipe right before open beta.

    If after reading these posts and you still want to request for a reset, try giving them a pm on facebook. Devs have mentioned that they will oblige (by deleting your current account and alpha code, then provide a new code for you to create another account).

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