How do i cast spells

  • Hi all how can i cast spells without the wand

  • By doing it on your touch screen.

    You'd have to draw signs on your phone's screen.

    But before you can even cast, you'd have to learn and slot spells into "spell slots" to "activate" them for casting.

    Each "spell slot" has a different sign you will have to draw in order for them to be cast.

  • @kyethehuskypup

    Hello Kyle,

    Your touch sensitive screen works as well. When you are selecting spells there is an icon you can select that lets you practice casting. If you draw the symbol correctly on your screen with your finger or stylus the spell icon will appear.

    When you duel you will have a 10 second window each cycle to fill your 5 slots with what ever combination of spells will fit and us within your heat build up limit.

    Hope that helps some,

    Robyn Oakwise
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