Dueling Issue

  • Motorola Droid Z Force
    Android 7.1.1
    Reported via in game tool: Yes
    Repeatable: Yes

    Unable to Duel
    When I log in to the game my prestige trophy icon blinks and vanishes. While I can select the Duel icon on the bottom menu and it goes through the cooldown animation I do not receive any update window.

    Prestige Trophy icon takes me to the Duel stats/ranks information page.
    When pressing the Duel Icon I show get the drop down searching player notice.

  • @robynoakwise I'm having the same issue. Didn't know if they just turned it off temporarily?

  • Just picked the game up, i'm level 7 and it only does that cooldown animation and nothing else, not sure what exactly is supposed to happen but yeah no dueling happens whatsoever

  • occasionally it flashes "party member is offline" but i'm alone and have no friends and also am not offline so

  • Seems like many of us haven't been dueling lately?

    didn't even know they turned it off/there is a new bug.

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