Character Classes, Orders and Factions

  • Okay, it’s been a while, but I’m ready to get active again.

    So it seems they the Devs have done away with the Orders in favor of classes, and will implement new factions down the road, when territory wars are introduced. If correct, I think that is a strong move.

    I know it looked like High Moon Brotherhood was changed to Rogue. Any ideas on the other classes?

  • @jack_wagon
    I'm sceptical of the move to classes. I liked the orders and felt Maguss would be more open ended without classes like Eve Online or The Secret World. Maybe they should also sell a dagger for rogues rather than a wand? I am still excited and will stick and around to see where this goes.

  • @jack_wagon I am excited about the classes and I hope they continue to have a tendency towards each of the magician's specialties, but if I wanted to give rise to elements such as fire, earth, light, darkness, air. And above all that snow that we climb we tubieramos other subclasses, to be able to play with friends and to be able to help them as in other mmos where there are charming, disenchanting, drawers of blood. But above all there are personal guils to be able to make dungeons with my friends in a single party.

  • That's exactly where I'm hoping this goes. While it could still be a lot of fun to have the four main factions for the territory wars for more dedicated players, (say we gain the ability to join a faction around lvl 20 or so) having personal guilds for small groups of friends, and dynamic classes and attributes to allow each player to effectively cover the limitations of their guild mates (everyone having a niche they can build on based on class and skill choices) would go a long way for the more casual player to still have a lot of fun with friends and family that play as well. This is already building up to be a lot of fun, but I'd love to get that really personal, dynamic mmo feel.

    • What worries me is in-game purchases and special currency. What will kill an otherwise great game is the "pay to win" aspect. If the micro-transactions stick to special cosmetic gear and things that don't make you inherently better than a player that simply can't afford to pay to be as effective in duels or basic play, then it's all okay. But, if we reach that point that you have to spend money to be an effective player, then we've lost everything.

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