What iOS version are we on now, haven't updated in long while and can't login

  • Hi all,

    I'm an old IGG alpha tester, and haven't been able to login for a long while now. TestFlight says I'm on version 0.1.1 (31) and hasn't been updated in a long time. When I try to load the app it says "Never version available" and won't go past that screen.

    Any info what's going on would be appreciated.

    James aka Oyjord.

  • Give them a PM on facebook. Support is much faster there. They might provide you with a new link/email/code.

  • @oyjord Hey you ever get past this screen? I downloaded the game yesterday, played a bit, now today it's doing just what you described.

    Says I'm on version0.1.1 (31), says new version available, and either won't go past that, or freezes on choose you avatar screen... which I did yesterday.

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