Anyone feel potions are kinda boring?

  • Don't get me wrong, i think the brewing system is fun, and i'm excited to try the new one, but 8% buff to concentration means very little to the average player who isn't min maxing, and doesn't feel like calculating the actual affected number.

    I would love if potions were more fun! like one that would cause confetti after you win a battle, or the ability to change your race to like, demon/teifling kinda thing, or make yourself look like a frog. or just skin colour changes and armour dyes.

    I understand that's more art intensive but even if potions more improved quality of life, such as increasing the interaction ring's size for an hour or so, or one that attracted monsters, or made herbs have a higher yeild or spawn rate.

    The percent buffs just feel very mundaine and other than the potions that directly boost damage/ heal me i haven't found the need to use a single one so far. what do you guys think?

  • Never used one. But idk about what the fully developed game brings. Could be required when doing dungeons with friends, where min/maxing would make a difference or the "set route to take in a dungeon" dont allow much leeway to walk around to regen hp.

    Yeah, fun potions would be great. but i'd think that would kill their monetization system. So maybe, they could make those potions brew-able only during festive seasons?

    EDIT: maybe if they used a number/point system instead of percentage, that would be better appreciated. E.g. Level 10 player currently have 8 points of concentration, to defeat a level 11 monster, one would need 10 concentration. and the potion provides that 2 points.

  • i mean you could monitize the ingredients for the fun potions, make them rare drops from monsters/harvesting but let players buy it for a small amount of diamond or a large amount of gold, tonnes of games do it like that, or even hell make it so you can brew a random dye colour but can buy specific colours. potions that just give flat stat buffs are boring and aren't fun in the long run, games like this already have a problem of dropping off late game and running out of things to do, potions with more practical applications would help to fix that.

  • @broddiccus
    I started not being interested at all in the PvP aspect of gameplay so I dive into the alchemy part of Maguss. What I can give you is a little about my experience so far.

    First, I have thousands of herbal components. Yes, thousands of each type. I generate healing potions so that I never am careless and enter a combat at less than full strength. This costs me no coin at all to do so, that is a win to me.

    Second, I have dueled with and without the buffs. I have to say I prefer those little extra buffs and they have provided enough of an edge more than once.

    Third, I look forward to the future and trade of items to team members as is advertised in the promotional video. I enjoy herb gathering as well as the alchemy part just as much as fighting off an annoying monster or the unlucky mage that decides to pick on me.

    Overall I agree that more variety might be fun. I do however hope to see a working product before new things get added as right now there are too many game breaking bugs that still need to be addressed.

    Keep it sparky!

  • @broddiccus
    I agree, the brewing system is lacking some fun. I feel like the same is true for the rest of the game though.
    -You battle to get money
    -you spend money on spells to battle
    and round and round it goes.
    I think the game would benefit from a plot or story. Some reason to play

  • i think if they start implimenting clans or some form of competition between players then the narrative will form itself, i just feel it's important to feel like a powerful mage in game play, which doing goofy spells and potions would really help with. or at least ones that do a little more than direct spell buffs.

  • @broddiccus

    The current competition is the tournament play. It is ranked and gives rewards. While it is limited and still needs some work, it's fun.

    The difficult part for me is that I backed the game based on the promotional video showing trade and teamwork and there is none of that in the game and is lowest on the development plans list behind yet more PvP game play.

    I will continue to play, look forward to, and test the game as it still offers a unique experience.

    Keep it sparky!

  • 6 minutes into "Aroma Potion and Chill". It's done literally nothing. No T1-T5 creatures have spawned near me. The creatures that do come nearby just move away. I haven't moved the whole time. Are they supposed to do anything?

  • Maybe it's a "bad/smelly aroma potion"


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