Inventory bug?

  • So I'm currently only level 14, but somehow have a tier 4 item in my inventory? I can't see what it is, can't equip it, etc. There's a IV in the top left corner and a 0 in the bottom right corner. The "Sell" button shows that I can get 3500 for whatever this is ...

    Now for the fun part. Sell something else - a tome, potion, whatever. Go back to the item-I-can't-see-use-whatever and now I'm offered the selling price of whatever item I view in "Sell" just before trying the tier-4 item.

    Selling for 3500 coins before, check the price of a good speed bean (52 coins) and now my tier-4 is going to show the good speed bean and a 52 coin value.

    I'll try to post a bug within the app (and try viewing this with my Android client, too), but thought it might be too complicated to report this via the bug reporting option.

  • Its an item bug. just sell it for the $$.

    I think there's been a report on this before.

  • @werdna
    I've noticed a similar bug concerning an unknown item obtained from a treasure chest. the item has no picture when you happen to chance upon it in the random stones that you flip when you get a treasure chest. when you have it in your inventory and you select it, it is unequipable and unusable (but it does mimic the buttons of the item you've selected previously. if you tap "USE", however, the UI responds with 'this item cannot be used'. it sells for 3500 coins and it always starts at 2 pcs but you can sell just 1 pc and still end up with 3500 selling price.

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