Brewing Gets Stuck

  • Sometimes when I'm brewing potions, it accepts my glyph, counts down the appropriate amount of time, and then sticks at 0:00. It still says "Wait until Ginger is brewing" (or whatever is brewing at the moment.) There is no option to cancel the brew, so I'm stuck with a cauldron that I cannot use for anything else. Sometimes, I am able to re-draw the glyph and then have it count down again, for a weak brew, but it is still likely then to stick when it is done with the countdown (occasionally it will let me finish the weak brew.)
    Screenshot attached.
    iPhone 6, iOS 10.3.3
    Anyone else having this problem?

  • I have the same problem :/ I have an MotoZ Android.


  • I have the same problem.

  • @slartibartfast

    I have only had this happen once for me.

    Motorola Droid Z Force
    Android 7.0
    Current alpha version

  • Happens pretty often for me. Usually when my connection sucks/lags. I'd have to restart app to make it work, for a weak potion.

    As per my Facebook suggestion to Devs, it maybe better to make this an offline/local/internal process.

    A quick pointer, it is possible to cancel brew by tapping on the empty area below beans. This will bring up a cancel brew screen with inappropriate texts, but what it essentially does is cancel brew. It doesn't refund already used ingredients and tonic though. But useful for when the 2nd or 3rd ingredient is an extremely rare one while the 1st/already used ingredient is a super common one.

  • Same Problem here with a slightly different behavior: I got stuck after drawing the glyph for ginger while trying to brew a health potion. The game seemed to accept the glyph, but the timer just ran out and the game still says "Put Ginger".

    I am playing on a Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017), Android 6.0.1

  • @slartibartfast I get this from time to time. MotoG4plus Android 7

  • I was actually able to make several potions today with only the Speed Beans, but it did offer me the chance to brew a potion using the Ingredient Beans. I will try tonight and update with success/failure. I am running Android 7.0 on my phone.

  • @wildwolfsong

    The speed beans work. The replacement ones do not. I am looking forward to the day they do.

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