Stuck in glyph assignment in tutorial

  • I've been playing since August and I love the idea of a tutorial, but I'm stuck. I already own "Heal Light Wounds" and it's asking me to assign that spell to the second glyph, but no matter how hard I try to click on the glyph, eother I click and nothing happens OR I click outside the glyph somehow.

    Anyone else having this problem?

    I am an Android user, v. 7.0. I will uninstall and reinstall and then update.

  • @wildwolfsong I got stuck at the add a spell part after the update. I force closed the app and reopened it. no issues.

  • Every time I got stuck in the tuturoal, I force close the app, and I could countinue.

  • Thanks. That seems to work for now. I'm not able to open anything but my inventory right now though--no other buttons work (not even the bug report). I do have a huge amount of brewing supplies that I didn't before, and since my levels have been wiped I am assuming we might be in the beta now? Can anyone give me more information on that?

  • Character levels have been reset (but not skills: sorcery, exploration, herb, ...)

    Spells, and recipes learnt aren't reset either.

    They changed the way plants stock, now they stock in piles of 20 so if you had 100 from one type, now you have 5 piles of that plant.

  • @nastes Thanks! I guess I missed the announcement somewhere. :) Wish they would have left the inventory system alone but it's all good.

  • I have kinda same problem, but for me it is "there is new versio" announcement that are blocking everything. It won't get a way even with re-install

  • @jukka-keränen My game basically reset itself and then the tutorial went smoothly... Until this update notice. "/ I know they're working on it but I just want to play! ")

  • @wildwolfsong I still have the bug being stuck in the spell assignment. I can't change the categories, so I can't see the healing spells or whatever. Tried force-closing and reinstalling. The game is just not playable for me at the moment.
    The complete character appearance was also not "touchable". I could select between 5 faces but not add accessoires or hair or sth.

  • @lenyed I know the customization thing was already mentioned by someone, but I am not sure if it was addressed in the update provided yesterday (in my time zone) since I haven't downloaded it yet.

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