Major bug

  • Ya'll just updated recently and now the game is bugged. When i get to the map section and your narrator girl mentions monsters, nothing happens, all i get is the map with nothing on it, and none of the commands below it. Also, why was i knocked down to level 1

  • I guess they had to. To let us test the leveling system.

    Try restarting the game. If that doesn't work, reinstall. You need to be able to see monsters on the map and pick a fight to move on in the tutorial.

  • There are a few known issues like this for some users with the tutorial, including the monsters don't appear, healing spell can't be placed in the slot, and brewing tutorial pops up randomly even after the tutorial is complete. These should be taken care of in the next few days based on some feedback I received from submitting bugs.

    It's standard procedure for testing platforms to be wiped and brought back to ground zero after any major update or enhancement. This helps to identify new bugs when users begin progressing through the game. Hope this helps!

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