Cannot log into game after update

  • Hello,

    I am stuck in the login loop and wondered if there is a fix yet.

    I am on android and have tried resetting the password as well as trying both my username and email as login but no go no error just loops back to login.

    Here is praying I don't have to restart as this would be the 3rd go around with that :(


  • There are two existing posts on this.

    Yep. It's still happening to me and a few others.

  • @tc4237 I don’t think any iOS users have been able to login yet since the update, so join the club heh.

  • my bro is able to login, on iOS. I on the other hand, am on android.

  • It is really strange, I can log into my wife's account on my phone but not mine. This has happened to me before and they had to reset my account and I started from fresh. I hope that is not the case again and if it is that they can figure that out before we go live.

  • Opps guess it is fixed now :) yaaaaaaa hope you all get fixed soon to :)

  • It was fixed about 1 day back, as per their facebook.

    Yep, it works on mine now.

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