Exploitable and broken spells still needing a fix

    Device: Motorola Droid Z Force
    OS version: Android
    App version: 7.1.1

    [BUG INFO]
    Reported via in-game tool: Yes
    Random: No
    Repeatable: Yes
    Exploitable: Yes

    I will continue to add to this list as I find more.

    Gremlin exp given is far too high.
    Edit: many of the monsters give higher than normal experience. This might be intentional?

    Absorb spell that is supposed to block 50 damage that turn stops ALL damage that turn regardless of the amount. Does this scale with the mages Empower? It might and cause a larger amount to be absorbed?

    Heat Up spells still pushing opponent heat beyond the cap of 15. Edit: this seams to be a favourite spell for a few mages. It is still a cheat so please report it as a bug like the rest of us and stop using it like the devs have asked us to.

    Vitalise spell still heals far too much and is still an exploit. This also is a favourite opening spell of many mages. This spell is an exploit so please report it and stop using it like the devs have asked us to.
    Edit:Heal Serious Wounds also heals higher than it probably should. Perhaps the empower multiplier is too high? The jump from Heal Light Wounds, that seems to be fine, is over powered.

    Broken/Not working at all.
    Cleanse does not remove any debuffs from the caster.
    Silence does no damage at all to an opponent.

    Questionable Spells
    Willpower is often mentioned as an exploit/bugged/broken spell.
    In its current state it is a Tier 2 (at least for a Druid), 2 heat, 2 cast slot self buff spell that blocks any incoming debuffs from LANDING. It is essentially a specialised upgrade to Magic Shield and/or Ultimate Evasion that are both Tier 1.
    What it does not do:
    I have heard mages say it stops a debuff that has already landed. This is false.
    The spell suggests that it lasts for 6 turns. This is false. It only lasts for 3 turns.
    I have heard mages say it's stops all debuff effects. This is false. If a debuff has an initial damage carrier it does not stop that damage. Spells such as Creeping Death and Crushing Void still do the initial direct damage.
    I have heard that if cast in the same turn it removes debuffs that are cast the same turn. This only occurs if the Willpower spell goes off BEFORE the debuff spell cast by the opponent.

    The spell takes thought and attention to use correctly as well as one Spell Memory slot (still not a fan of the "spell deck" phrase). It uses 2 available spell casting slots and 66% of your cooldown heat for that turn (you get 3 unless you use the various methods to cool off faster). Could it use an increase in heat cost? I could see perhaps 3 heat working but it doesn't need it. Could it use a spell casting slot increase to represent the mage concentrating? That mechanic is already based on your stats so in my opinion, no it doesn't need to be harder to cast. It's job is to address a specific type of magic. If a player only uses one type of magic there should be a counter to it. It is a rock to scissors thing where paper still defeats it.

    Keep it sparky!

  • @robynoakwise

  • administrators

    Hello Robyn, all spells are being adjusted at the moment. They will be balanced again and match the current stat system. After, there should be no problem.

  • 0/
    Well, Heat Up is still not fixed.
    Can't kill any of fire spirits at all.
    More, spells with 0-heat can't be casted with 15+overheat.

    Sry for bad english ._.

  • Nice info. I'm not sure about Cleanse spell but Mirror Curse does remove after being debuffed.

    Smamsung Galaxy S7 edge

  • Bleed is not affected by empower.

    1st stack always does 15 dmg, the next stacks do 5 dmg each-->5 stacks = 35 dmg
    1st stack with open wounds always does 30 dmg, the next stacks do 10 dmg each-->5 stacks = 70dmg

    Not sure if the fact that is not affected by empower is a bug or it is intended. If it's intended this is a great spell combination for ppl with low empower

  • bump
    Bleed is also not mitigated by resistance

    Living Shadow doesn't work at all

    Morph triggers every time you cast a spell and not every time you deal damage (so if you cast Bleed you will receive an healing animation of +0 health back, and when bleed dot does real damage Morph is not triggered). Moreover the health received is not 100% of dmg done but it's a smaller % (you should change the tooltip because right now makes ppl think it's going to be 100%). Lastly, you receive health from direct damaging spell even if the damage is absorbed (saw it against a monster that had the absorb spell).

  • bump

    Instant buffs
    Instant spells that are designed as buffs do not seem to be working
    Expected: provides protection from debuffs incoming on present circle
    Actual: enemy debuffs are applied anyway
    *Mirrored destiny:
    Expected: reflects damage of next spell back to the enemy
    Actual: doesn't reflect, damage gets through

    Stackable Debuffs:
    *Bleed: Try casting bleed 5 times in a cycle
    Expected: 5 stacks are applied to enemy
    Actual: less than 5 stacks (usually 3) are applied to enemy

    MISS on buffs
    Cast a buff on yourself
    Expected: the buff is currently applied
    Actual: simetimes it misses -_-"

    SKIP --->increments issues
    When clicking SKIP in order to fasten the duel/combat, the chances for spells to not working properly dramatically increases: buffs disappear, spells do not work at all, etc

  • administrators

    I will test all those. Buffs on you can miss, that is not a bug, improve your concentration wizard ;)

  • Global Moderator

    Yep have the same problems with spells and combat.

  • @maguss said in Exploitable and broken spells still needing a fix:

    I will test all those. Buffs on you can miss, that is not a bug, improve your concentration wizard ;)

    i don't like this :<

    anyway i swapped some gear and with 31 concentration buffs are not missing anymore (they still disappear if i press skip), but monster still evade my spells a lot. is this intended or a bug?

  • administrators

    What is "a lot" ? Can you make som average ? What monsters ? Higher tiers, lower tiers? What are your stats ?

  • with the swapped gear

    Empower 36
    Defense 45
    Concentration 31
    Evasion 6
    Critical Empower 21
    Critical Chance 29
    Max HP 520

    Tier VIII Troll
    He is very strong, I do half the damage he does to me
    He evades 20-25% of the times

  • @ron-benvenuti

    1. reduce your opponent hp to 0 while affected by divinity buff
      2a. Expected: you win
      2b. Actual Result: you lose, seems like divinity right now is a 100% losss instead of a "reduce your hp to 0

    Triple Slash:
    right now it works even if one of the 3 casted spells misses

  • administrators

    @ron-benvenuti 1. Divinity: Is this what happened: You casted divinity, your heat dropped to 0 and you were invulnerable to any dmg next round. You defeated opponent in that next round. However you lost because at the end of the cycle Divinity put you down to 0 ?

    Triple Slash: Deals damage even if you "Miss" 1, correct? Not if opponent "Evade" at least 1.

  • @maguss
    Divinity: exactly

    Triple slash: miss. To be more specific i saw it from chimaera casting it against me
    1st cast hits me for 1 dmg
    2nd MISSes me
    3rd hits me --47dmg

    So are evade and miss two different events now? So we can counter miss by increasing concentration but we can't counter evade at all? That's makes extremely important to build your character in a certain way (spend point in concentration, evasion, magic defense, avoid all others), or it will be impossible to compete in pve. Am i wrong?

    Isn't this too unforgiving? For example my character is 43 and I focused my skill points in empower, crit chance, and a little of concentration and defence. The goal was to be a glass cannon which hit always, crits often. But right now this build can't stand against tier VIiI and tier IX monsters. Is this intended? Do I need better gear (right now I wear green/purple low gear + old white tier VII+ gear)?

  • @ron-benvenuti
    Will Power
    I didn't realise the description changed, so probably you should ignore my previous post about Willpower. From my understanding now it makes you ignore the debuffs that are on you on that cycle, like for example Numbness, Infirm, or Obscurement. I will test it and let you know if it works

    Dance Of The Dead
    Costs 1000 golds, should it cost 10000 golds like other tier IX spells?

  • administrators

    @ron-benvenuti 1. Dance of the Dead - good catch, added to bug list.

    1. Will Power - yes. This is its effect: Ignore all debuffs that are on you this cycle (meaning you receive no effects of them). The player can still receive new dubuffs, but they will have no effect whilst Willpower is active.

    2. Can you verify when Chimaera casts Triple Slash it deals damage even though 1 cast misses ? Just let me know when it happens again.

  • @maguss

    1. i'm trying but it's difficult to replicate :)

    New nasty bug!
    There's a very high chance to "freeze" the combat when using cleanse

    How to reproduce: just spam Cleanse against any kind of monster

    What happens: it's like the combat calculation script goes on standby or pause, and it will never resume. You can press the greetings buttons and you can forfeit, but nothing else works

  • administrators

    @ron-benvenuti Nice catch. Will look at it. We are going to release a new update soon with many spell fixes too.

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