I think it would be cool to get "sorted" into a faction

  • With a short like 10 questions to determine what "house" would best fit you.

  • @shreder856 I like it, but maybe it should be optional. If I have a certain play style and I am sorted in a way that doesn't fit it I would be unhappy, personally.

  • Yeah, being slotted into a "house" or "sorted" feels way too close to some Harry Potter-ness for my comfort. It would be nice to have the factions actively looking for members, the way players scout for guild members. Each faction could come with certain pros and cons, giving something they can offer you to join their group, and something you have to give up (or miss out on from another group) for the choice you make. After that, faction defection, or being a turn coat/cloak, could be something you can do with an 'Item Mall' thing, and maybe you get marked thereafter as a turncloak? Like "the brand of the traitor", sort of thing. That could be cool. - Even "the factionless" - or those that choose to not join any faction, could have some kind of special perk or something for missing out on faction perks or something. Could bring some real depth to playability and adaptation.

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