I deleved !!!

  • hi my name is John and i have a char named "Jorep"! since i bought the game i was trying to exp and exp and exp even though i learnt the game the hard way since there was no tutorial! i was like 10lvl (i had opened the 3rd slot for skills) the proof is that it is not possible to have lvl19 sorcery lvl13 herblore lvl`7 incantations and lvl14 exploration since i became lvl2 after tutoral! plz help me! thanks

  • @john-reppas When the latest updates were released, the player levels were reset but the skill levels were not. So you will have to work your way back up again. But everything in your bag should still be there, so that might help some!

  • @wildwolfsong Hey thanks for the reply im new to this game completely! Just one last question if u know the answer! will the lvl reset again? i dont want to lvl up again and see that my char is reseted for 2nd time! if yes then i shall wait, if not then i should give another try.

  • @john-reppas

    Yes, there will be another reset at open beta as far as the devs have shared. I would expect another reset at release too but that hasn't been confirmed. The idea is to test the game. Play as hard as you can, do stuff you wouldn't do, try all the features as that helps the developers out big time.

    Keep it sparky!

  • ill keep that in mind! thanks in advance!

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