Will this game be in free2play?And if it will, when?

  • Hi,when?

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    @serveladik Hi, around February 2018 :)

  • @maguss ahahahha, r u kidding me?
    U made this so much long and cant make it free to play still?
    U will not get any players in future, u just want to make money on close beta

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    @serveladik Hello, no, we don't. We delayed the open beta release because we want to release a polished game. At the moment, the game is not in condition to be released for all public. We are fixing bugs and we still want to add more features which need to be tested. Please, be patient. If you want to know more about a situation before judging, please read our latest updates on Indiegogo or FB page.

  • @maguss You delayed it for a long time, and every month, and this is very long time u making this game, its not AAA game that product with lot of high quality programers
    You got a lot money on kick starter long time ago, and still cant release

  • @serveladik

    Hi serveladik. First, I am not a developer, I am a backer. I do however have a few years experience as a developer. I was not only a database programmer, designer, story concept developer, art director, I was quality assurance lead too. We had a team of about 13 or talented individuals that loved what we were doing.

    Development takes time from actual design, risk assessment, core concept coding, artwork design, database design, and testing. An A level product takes years to finish and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    From what I have seen so far, the Maguss folks are doing a great job with the resources they have. They communicate with backers who bought the ability to play and test an early product. It was our choice to back them, some of us get bummed when something doesn't work and that is more our passion and support shining through.

    These folks had a dream and are reaching for it. Please remember that when you feel like bashing them and telling them they are cheating people or are just collecting money. While this game is in an Alpha state, it keeps many of us active and engaged. There is no other game on my phone I play more than Maguss. I enjoy testing it and reporting bugs so future players can experience the best game ever.

    I do hope you read all of this and understand I am not telling you what to do or what to think. What I am suggesting is being a bit more mindful on a public forum.

    Keep it sparky!

  • Dear Maguss-Team

    I write you, because I think you are making a big mistake right now. Yesterday change a lot of things. Wizards Unite was announced an everybody looking at this and looking a way from you. You change the day of the release again to spring 2018, what makes people angry. I know you have your reasons, I now there are a lot of bugs to fix and I know there are still 1000 of thinks to do. But what do you think will happen, when you release it in spring 2018 or even later? When you are asking me, nobody who don't play the game yet will be interest anymore. We will see HP-gameplay and we will be hyped. Only a few month to go for the game, nobody will start a new VR-Game because you can play only one per phone. Yes, I have seen the people with two phones or more to play at different Pokemon Go accounts too, but how many people are they, how many people will buy another phone or two? Because on one you play Pokemon on the next HP at one the third Maguss? I don’t think so. I think, there won’t be place for Maguss anymore. You get “killed”. I think the only way to avoid this is to release the game before the world see Wizard Unite. To prove you are a equal or even better game and don’t live in its shadows. But this is only my opinion.

    Thank you for listen and thanks for fighting through my bad English.

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