Bug: Battle Vs Monsters not working

  • Device: Motorola Droid Z Force
    OS: Android 7.1.1

    Reported in game tool: yes
    Repeatable: yes
    Exploitable: no

    Notes: I did a factory reset and reinstalled the Maguss app.

    I turned on the screen debug features to check taps and locations on screen.

    Everything with the phone (and I expected as much as hardware seldom fails compared to software) is working as intended.

    I can do the following:
    Access the Maguss menu. Access inventory to sell items. Access the shop and buy items. I can equip and remove items. I can harvest herbs. I can make potions. I can swap out spells and practice. I can select wandering monsters as well as duel requests (for the love of patty PLEASE give us an option to turn that off!) ;).

    I can't do the following:
    Battle vs monsters... at all. There is a tournament and I can only gain experience through dueling others though to be able to consistently, I have to deliberately exit to drop Prestige (trophies) so I can continue to have opportunities to duel.

    Having said that, it would be nice to be able to battle monsters... cuz loot :D

  • administrators

    Hello Robyn, how come you can not battle them? Does BATTLE button not work ? If so, we need your in-game username.

  • @maguss
    Thank you for replying!
    The Battle button does not work. My use name is Robyn Oakwise just like it is on the forums.

  • administrators

    @robynoakwise said in Bug: Battle Vs Monsters not working:

    Robyn Oakwise

    Since when you encounter this problem?

  • @maguss
    Only since the latest patch. It did work initially. I was able to battle monsters just fine. I bought the Big Pack and blocked all the new messages and battled the hellhound a couple times. About a day in to the new patch and I could no longer battle any monster. I can select them but the battle option on the forum overlay does nothing. Things I have tried: A clean install, a factory reset on my phone, spam pressing and waiting several minutes, long continuous press. So far the only experience option I have is dueling.

    The issue there is I have to drop out slot to stay in a division that has opponents and that might show that dueling is broken.

    Keeping it sparky!

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