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    Hello guys, we would like to hear your feedback. We are currently working on a new feature we plan to implement after open beta release: Territory Wars - Fortresses.

    Here is a very, very brief overview:

    Territory Wars will put 4 factions against each other in battle for territory control. Players need to defeat monsters in enemy Fortresses and then summon their own army to claim and defend it. Players can only summon monsters which they already discovered and revealed all of their traits - they understood them. Players reveal monsters' traits by fighting them. Discovered monsters will appear in a Bestiary. Summoned monsters earn gold for players and a claimed Fortress offers unique bonuses to all friendly players within its “occupied territory” - region.
    Summoned monsters live either until their Obedience decays completely (which it does over time) or until defeated during Fortress Assault by enemy players.
    Players can raise obedience of their monsters with training while each monster reacts to a different kind of stimulus - you need to find which, otherwise they won’t like it and let you know. Players from same faction can help each other and raise obedience of their monsters mutually. Enemy players can only assault the Fortress.
    In Fortress Assault ,player battles all Fortress' defenders (summoned monsters) either until he/she dies or all of them are defeated and Fortress becomes neutral.

    We don't want to reveal much yet but we hope this is enough. What we would love to receive back is tons of feedback. We would love to hear answers to questions such as these:

    1. What do you expect from this new feature?
    2. What rewards you would like to see for participation (attacking/defending Fortresses)?
    3. Do you think it is social enough ?
    4. What do you expect from it ? Social interactions, more exotic loot, status gain ?

    Thanks for all your comments. We can't wait to hear them and discuss the future of game with you!

  • @Maguss I love the idea of this! It sounds like it is going to be awesome from the gameplay aspect.

    My major concern is that I don't know anyone IRL who plays Maguss. I want to participate, but I don't know how likely it is that there will be others to play with.

    Also, I know this was a huge problem in Pokemon Go... How are you going to determine where the fortresses are places? Will it be based on population density? Because if so, people in rural areas won't really feel included and people in cities risk phone overload from too much trying to load at one time.

    Will we need to feed/train our monsters to keep them obedient? Will you have unlockable packs, or can we use the packs we have already bought?

  • At last! I'll write some questions then I'll write about some ideas. But first things first:
    What I expect:
    -I expect this feature to help people meet irl, help each other by becoming friends. Feel like they really belong to a faction. Feel like its a family. People should feel like they want to get out outside to defend a fortress at 3-4 am in the morning just because its fun to be with others. I expect to people to feel happy sleeping in their own territory.


    1. How will the fortress places are determined? What will be the cridentials for them?
    2. Can only two factions fight at a time? Or can we do a free for all combat for four factions?
    3. Please make it different from Pokémon GO. In PokémonGO it is really annoying to fight with the mobs one at a time. At least give us the chance to pick our enemy. Or a different point of view: Check Ingress. I really like combat mechanic in Ingress.
    4. Can we put other things? Like spell traps? Can they be made effectiveless if you type the correct combination of signs? Can we defend our fortresses from a distance with specific spells?
    5. Will there be a ranking among the factions? Not like 1st or 2nd but literally ranks.
    6. What will we gain from having a territory? Only "buffs" seems not enough. For example: players can regen health within a 2 m of the fortress is a good idea but not enough.
    7. Can factions have a base where they can grow herbs or train monsters? Or with coin they can upgrade it?
    8. Can we refresh the obedience bar? From a distance too?


    1. For me, this system is a ripoff from PokémonGO, which is very bad imo. These fortresses can be mini dungeons where you fight with small mobs and fight with boss and if you win it, the fortress will be your factions. And with the factions' buffs -where you get them by unlocking it from somewhere- you give some buffs to your fortresses. And you can train the mobs/bosses so they can be tougher. Just an idea but please don't make it the same as PokémonGO. Again, you can check Ingress' system too, it is very different from PokémonGO's.
    2. There can be different side missions to weaken the fortress like cutting the supply line decreases the total hp of monsters etc.
    3. Just hire me, I'll work for free :D
    4. Fortresses should give some ingredients time to time, maybe depending on the fortress' level, you can get farms, etc.
    5. Decay is a disturbing idea. Like think about it, you are a group of people who are a part of a big magi faction, you get a fortress and then what? You leave it to rot? Thats absurt. You live in it, you take care of it, you help it grow. So maybe players bind their characters to a fortress and they get daily missions for fortress like "bring 10 ______(ingredient name)" or something that can literally help the fortress if it was real.

    Please think about these, I really want Maguss to be unique and fun!

    Pleasure to help,
    W o l f

  • the global chat system must come in order for the region battles to be smooth. also the castle covers a large area. so that more activity can take place. When a portal is attacked on a portal in the world, or when a portal is captured, the instant message is posted in the chat window. If there is a system like this, it would be very good for socialization. as well as the ingress of which guilds, how many fortresses should be included in the statistic vote.

  • @maguss

    There are some good points already brought up as well as, in my opinion, questionable ones.

    First, adding yet more PvP features before team support like trade and communication abilities in game just sounds like a foot shot. (Yes this means bad lol)

    Second, having a firm design now will help a lot. There have been some great questions about determining tower locations and those are valid. I would counter with if rural areas, i.e. less contested, are given the ability, and I am a big opponent of giving free stuff, to have farms where they get free herbs that eliminates an important aspect of the core game and that is yet another foot shot.

    Third, I totally agree with the please don't do what PoGo did and I don't think we will see that. The Ingress model is pretty cool yes but does not lend itself to the Maguss dynamic. An example of what might be an idea would be: The monsters wandering within a short range of a given tower but do not go farther. This is already in the code or is close as the local spawns are based on the players level. Use the same or slightly adjusted code to have a Tower be a player only fixed in location. When all monsters "owned" by the Tower are defeated the tower can be "owned" by another faction and the monsters are then "stocked" by the members of the faction. This is sort of like the Ingress model yes and Maguss themed.

    Third, will a tower have an inventory where a faction can drop off supplies for other faction members? If not, it should. Especially if there will still be no trade untill after more pvp is added. This could be another Magic Dust upgrade option.

    Fourth, I like the degrade option though only if it has part of an upkeep mechanic. This would make sense to keep players having to support the Tower more than just taking it and dropping monsters on it.

    Fifth, there is no spoon.

    Keep it sparky!

  • administrators

    Excellent points guys. We want it to be unique and fun. Thanks for all the feedback. If you think of anything else, please, let us know. We take this very seriously :)

  • @maguss hello maguss team, please add Evolution to DURING battles, especially on npc monsters and pets. this adds to suprises n fun.

  • Not sure if this topic is still being checked, but I have some input. I think a major weakness of earlier GPS games is that they lose most of their functionality if you're just sitting at home or in the office. That's fine if the game's only goal is to get players to walk, but it's a problem from the dev side if you want to maximize player's time on screen in the game. It also gives players the chance to lose interest in the game if the weather's bad: I slowly stopped playing Pokemon GO over the summer because my region is too hot and the game didn't offer anything to do that didn't involve walking in the sun.
    As you're considering new features for the game, I think mini-games that support the main aspects of the game are a really smart idea. We, the players, want to spend more time in the game, but most of us can't stroll around our neighborhoods all day long.
    The potion making system is perfect. It encourages players to harvest the materials and then gives them something to do when their walk is over and they get back to the office/home. It's hard make specific suggestions for the fortress mechanics without knowing what kind of tools and resources you have to design with, but I think any additional features that give players something to do on while sitting on the couch would make the game more dynamic and increase player's time in the app (so, revenue).

  • What do you expect from this new feature?

    • Your daily dose of raging people, running back to their fort to reclaim it xD

    What rewards would you like to see for participation (attacking/defending Fortresses)?


    • Wel it be awsome if wilst the status of Fortress holder (see last question) you gain a small amount of Xp and a decent amount of gold per hour, also wilst a Player gets defeated in your for you gain a additional amount of gold and Xp like killing a Monster/boss


    • Wel i think it would be cool besides a nice amount of Xp and gold per defeated monster also a 100% drop of a equal tiered item.

    Do you think it is social enough ?

    • Wel not realy because you have no interaction with your team mates.
      There for I'd love to see the fortresses be used as local selling points (max prices ofcours) and sort of a club house with lots of interaction The hard thing wil be what if a guild gets picked too much tho. Therefor i would disable joining in in a faction whenever the most picked has 100 more then the lowest picked making them stable.

    What do you expect from it ? Social interactions, more exotic loot, status gain ?

    • Exotic sure but limited more like mid grade is the most common and lower is as hard to get then the highest.
    • Status could be a cool thing, giving you the Fortress Holder (or somthing) status when you have a summoned monster at that time.

  • Maybe rather than the normal defend X you allow each player to build a structure that they can defend. May be have a few different types of structure that allows players to do different stuff. then allow players to expand it by 1 structure every 10 levels.

    Possible structures:-
    Mine: get gold per hour level dependant
    Forge: research equipment
    Apothecary: Higher grades of potions or new potions
    Fortress: Standard battle type thing
    Wizards Tower: research new spells or increase spell

    and to avoid ppl building stuff in the middle of large areas of privet land that cant be reached with the normal interaction range have a special battle map that has say a 5 mile interaction range.

  • This is similiar like the idea I dreamed about Maguss. Just some more points.

    How would it be to implement a guild system before (and the guild has to choose which faction they are dedicated to). Every guild will be able to build a portal which is set on a point of the map which leads to a guild city system. To upgrade these buildings more than one person are recommended (for an example when two person participate in the upgrading process it needs one day, when a player does it alone it needs one week). This makes meeting of players at special points necessary. I will post a new thread to the full idea of my guild idea which I think would fit really great into this game. What I wanted to say is that a special building in this guild city could unlock the possibility of the guild to build these towers where they want to and claim them. As they are the first owners (and every other guild which dedicates its life to the same faction) is now able to upgrade the tower and build defense mechanics. HP potions should be disabled in a radius of the tower if you participate in such wars (only healing through spells) to avoid HP potion spamming. Other factions may then be allowed to attack these towers.

    So. In short (as I always like to summarize):

    1. Create or join a guild.
    2. If created a guild choose a faction to support.
    3. Build the portal to your guild base where you want it (not too close to any tower or portal of another guild). They are also far from easy to build to avoid spamming the map with portals by one man guilds.
    4. Upgrade your town and unlock the option to participate in bigger PvP events like the Territory Wars.
    5. Build and place your tower anywhere on the map. They also shouldn't be able to be placed in the near of other portals and towns. And they also shouldn't be easy to build.
    6. Towers and portals decay other time. They need to fed with resources to dont expire (an expired portal doesn't mean that you have to build the guild base from anew, just build the pretty expensive portal new). If they wont decay, dead guild portals would take places which could be used by new rising guilds.

  • Ok, well I have a couple suggestions here.

    First off, I'd like to say that while having monsters to guard the fortresses is cool, only having monsters makes it.... less mage like I guess. Essentially what I'm suggesting here is that players can stock spells to help defend the fortress. e.g. there would be five possible spells a fortress could use, each would have a cool down. A fortress might have greater heal, ultimate evasion, etc. which could then be used during the fight against the enemy Maguss. These would not take up spell slots or add heat to the monster, but for balance sake each could only be used once every five minutes. Additionally, if the owners could determine a rule-set for the fortress A.I. to use to know when to use each spell, that would be neat. This would help make it less likely that a Fortress will be taken over and over and over again. But to help it from being too powerful, I think that once a spell is set it can't be changed until the Fortress is taken by someone else.

    Secondly, I - like many others - am concerned with the same problem Pokemon Go had. In order to combat this (and add socialization to it) I propose the following.

    • There would be several levels of Fortresses. Rural Fortresses (randomly spawned), town Fortresses, county Fortresses, major city Fortresses, state Fortresses (for the U.S.) country Fortresses, and world Fortresses. Depending on the size of the level (i.e. how big the town is, or the country) there may be more or less fortresses at each level.

    • Depending on the Fortress level, players may participate in an attack on a Fortress (if their in the same faction as the attacker) within a certain range. A rural Fortress would have a small range, maybe a kilometer, while a country Fortress would cover most of the entire country. As an example, say there are 7 country Fortresses in the U.S. Any given player in the U.S. should be able to join in on an attack on at least one of these.

    • To add another element to this, players of the faction being attacked may also join in to defense their Fortress. To keep the balance, players from the attacking faction may bring along monsters from their fortress to hep siege. In this way, there is a lot more elements of strategy to attacking, since attackers have to beware being attacked while having weakened defenses. Note that I would only support this if my first suggestion is taken into play - since I think the defending side should have the advantage.

    Also, just as a side note, the number of spells would increase and the cooldown decrease the higher the level of Fortress.

  • What will be the density of placing fortresses? For example there will be a hex grid mapping and in the middle of every hex will be place for one fortress (or alike strukture)? In this case the effect area of owning a fortress will be in the hex. For example monsters in the hex have lesser hp against owner fraction, and collectivables give +1 piece.
    Or one potion could be place into fortress to take effect over every fraction players in the grid? (Now only 3 potions can be affect one player at one time, but with this there will be 4)

  • Honestly,

    I want to see this feature on the game but.. on a far future..not now..I think many things that were suggested by players are far more important and attractive now that Territory Wars..

    But that is just me..

    Excellent game I am really enjoying it :D

  • @greybow You can use more than three potions. It is level dependent. With level 25 I now can take up to 5 potions. And I also think Territory Wars should come alot later (Travelling Merchant, Long Forgotten Dungeons, Reworked PvP aswell Guild system should come before I think).

  • @maguss Focused Priority
    Dear Maguss Dev team, you have mentioned many times that you guys are a team of less than 10 developers working on the game. Also, addressing players feedbacks and suggestion. My worries heighten when I read about this post where you are moving on to implement new gameplay features which itself is really good! but many issues and gameplay bugs/crashes have not been fixed. I believe you have 1 or 2 people working on it while others works on the new features. Keep up the engagement and improvement to the game and remember focus on what is more important!
    As a beta player, I will do my part to play the game, give my feedback and watch those video advertisement!

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