>free to play<>30$alphakey> choose one

  • I dont want to be mean but i looked up page and i saw few things that for me confirms you are just taking money

    1. The donations are allready finished (u got 213% paid what u needed) so why not make it free now?
      2 Pokemon go wasnt pay for play on begining so please... make it REAL free to play or just on shop change it to 30 $

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    Greetings @maciek-olczak,
    Thanks for your interest in Maguss. I would like to answer your questions and try and ease your mind.

    1. Yes the initial goal was set and met, however that goal was to allow for the initial crew to begin working on the game full time. They have continued to ask for donations/sponsorship as they have hired on more people than the initial group in order to continue building the game at a quicker pace.
    2. Yes, PoGo was free during beta, but did have a shop available when first launched to help with costs. They also received Startup financing from Google when they left, for several millions. A contract with Nintendo for financial backing in the sum of $30 million, Article Link, Allowing them to not need help getting the game started. Not to mention that Pokemon Go was not the first game for Niantic, they have another game, Ingress, that is still going that helped to create funds as well as build their team before they even began working on Pokemon Go.

    Maguss is a complete start up, this is a group of friends that wanted to create a game they could be proud of. it started by using their own money to get where they were before the IGG campaign even started. In order for them to work the game full time and get it released, they had to have something to offset their incomes from their other jobs, this is why they ask for money for the Alpha. The game will be free to play soon, but when it does, it will have a store for micro-transactions to offset the lack of subscriptions.

    Hopefully this has eased your mind about this game being just a cash grab. It is a wonderful game, and just keeps getting better. If you want to wait till it is free to play, then by all means, but I assure you, it is a game, and it is fun to play.

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