Issues just started

  • Ok I just bought it less than 24hrs ago. Couple of things I play on galaxy s8 plus and the game doesn't fit on my screen it runs off so I miss some messages. Second issue I have is that when I try and fight the second monster after getting the heal it doesn't show I set up the spell and it wont let me go back in to try and reset it. So now I am stuck cause I cant kill the second monster without it.

  • Now spells wont even work

  • administrators

    Hello, what exactly is the issue? How spells dont work ? Are you drawing correct glyphs? Can you please send screenshots..

  • I got it to work a bit but every couple of times it doesn't work for a round. I believe I am making the right sign. Here are screen shots of the screen not fitting.0_1509267021932_Screenshot_20171029-002205.png

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