[Android] Unable to battle monsters

    Device: Motorola Droid Z Force
    OS version: Android 7.1.1
    App version: Nov 1st 2017 update

    [BUG INFO]
    Reported via in-game tool: Yes
    Random: No
    Repeatable: Yes
    Exploitable: No

    (For new or those with similar problems)
    What should happen:
    The player should be able to select a monster in the range circle and then see an overlay with a brief description of a monster and the option to battle button. Once the button is tapped, the player should then see a battle loading screen and then be placed in a battle with the monster that was selected.

    What does actually happen:
    The player can select a monster and select the battle button. The player then sees the battle loading overlay (this is a picture of a mage) and the game locks up and does not go any further so the player has to exit the app.

    Does this prevent you for playing further:

    More information:
    This is an old issue from the last update that has not been fixed though the app interaction results have changed a little.

  • Most likely this is due to the servers having a harder time processing the increased stress of the playerbase. I'm not a programmer for the game, but I have noticed that the monsters are still able to be fought at times with less players playing....otherwise it can take a few minutes before the fight starts...or I give up after waiting 5 minutes.

  • I have tested this with a friend (Jano). She bought all the monsters packs, and she can't battle monsters.

    We try her account in my phone and we couldn't battle monsters either.

    When we changed back to my account, I couldn't battle monsters until we cleaned the cache.

  • I have to add that the bug happens with all the mosters, the ones from the monsters pack and the standad ones.

  • @nastes

    I just did a cache clean and the issue remains. 😥

  • That's because you bought the monsters pack., isn't it?

  • @nastes
    It was the first thing I did... Well ok not the first but the problem began after that. I did get to battle few Hellhounds though and a Wendigo but then nothing.

  • @robynoakwise

    I can battle monsters now. Thank you Maguss team!

  • @jano can you battle monsters now?

  • Yes, she can

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