[Working Features] Updated

  • We post on what isn't working so here is one that shows what is, at least for me.

    Herbs and components now appear on the map based on herbalism level. (Android: herb icons not being removed once collected bug still occurs)

    Chest collection
    All chest types spawn based on Exploration skill and are retrievable.
    Reduction of lock pick timer via add watching works.
    Opening of chests with Magic Dust works.

    (Thank you for raising the stack size to 30)
    Inventory items can be selected and sold.
    Inventory gear items can be equipped and unequipped.
    Inventory potions can be used and effects are seen on character stats.

    Daily Equipment options can be purchased and sold.
    All potions are purchasable and sellable.
    Recipes can be bought (I can make all of them so I can not test to see if they are learnable) and sold.

    Summary button
    Both the profile and skills show data.

    Spells are selectable.
    The ability to add and remove a spell from your available memory slots works.
    Test area responds correctly to memorized spell.

    These seem to be working correctly though they occasionally change when I look at them.

    Higher Tier potions can be made.
    All speed up beans (5min, 10min, 1hour) work to speed up potion ready timer.
    Tonic can be increased with Magic Dust.
    Still no option to buy more cauldrons (please remove the gender from the current description. "Poor man's" could easily be changed to "Poor Mages". Another option would be quality based such as; shoddy cauldron, basic cauldron, generic cauldron.)

    Keep it sparky!

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