"Pacifist" quest & offensive spells

  • Hi
    First post here, I hope this is the right place... a quick search brought up no results so here I go:

    I got the "Pacifist" quest, "Defeat a monster without using any offensive spells"

    Now, I was under the impression that "offensive" = Sorcery, but apparently Dark Arts qualify as "offensive" too. I tried combinations of Essence Leech, Poison Cloud, Creeping Death, Drain HP + Heal Light Wounds (which I'm assuming doesn't count as "offensive" in any way shape or form :P) but I still can't get the quest to register as complete.

    I haven't unlocked Bleed yet, and I was wondering if that's the only way to complete this quest? (I've seen it used against me in PvP, and from my understanding it seems to be one of very few spells that doesn't inflict dmg "on cast", which might be the definition of "offensive"?)

    Anyway, the quest objective isn't clear at all, I suggest either to reward it or (even better) add more detailed tooltip when a quest is clicked, to better explain what the objective is.

  • @licio-teora

    It would have to be indirect magics

    Spells like Reflect, Mirror Curse, Silence (if it worked), etc.

    I hope this helps. Keep it sparky!

  • I somehow completed the quest. I've been trying different spells out, I'm pretty sure I did it with Essence Leech + Drain HP + either Heal Light Wounds or Magic Shield or both, so possibly any spell that doesn't do damage on-cast is considered non-offensive? (Creeping Death and Poison Cloud do dmg on-cast as well as over time)

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