make Hints on app load into a wiki

  • Would it be possible to list all hints that appear on app load in a single article on or this forum?

    For example I am a new player and I have yet to decide which class I chose, but I have no idea what each stat means, so I first spent two days here on forum looking for information.

    Those hints are extremely helpful, so I have gone ahead and screencaptured few.

    • Empower: Determines how strong your spells are. Attacking spells and healing spells are affected by your Empower.
    • Concentration: Affects how likely that a spell you cast will hit.
    • Critical Empower: How much stronger your spell will be if it is a Critical Hit.
    • Defense: Reduces the damage you receive from enemy spells.
    • Evasion: Affects how likely that you will avoid an enemy's spell.
    • ...
    • Exploration: A rather adventurous trait. Affects chest encounters and improves HP regeneration.
    • Incantations: Renders benefits specific to spells in the Incantations category.
    • Herblore: Increases attributes regarding finding and harvest yield of ingredients.
    • Sorcery: Grants benefits specific to spells in the Sorcery category.
    • Dark Arts: Imparts benefits specific to spells in the Dark Arts category.

  • Hell I'd go ahead and say we need more of them.

    Can healing spells miss? I've had Cure Light Wounds heal me for 0 when I clearly needed healing, was that a "miss"? If so, what determines the miss? Can curses, buffs, and/or debuffs miss?

    How much Heat do we vent each cycle? Is it a static "3" or does it go up while leveling? This is crucial in deck building. Furthermore, can heat-venting spells miss? If not, does their heat-venting effect apply imediatly on-cast or do I have to wait for it to go off (I'd expect the 2nd to be true)

    Multi-slots spells hit at the END of their slots. This is very important, sure you learn it pretty fast, but it IS important.

    While we're on slots, do multi-slot spell count as 1 or multiple slots for the purpose of spells like Trick? (4-slot spell + trick = 0-trick or 3-trick?)

    Does Empower affect Curses/DoTs? If so, does each tick gain full Empower benefit? What about Defense, does it affect them?

    Is there a max number of buffs/debuffs I can have on my/the opponent's character? If so, what determines what buff/debuff gets removed after I hit the cap?

    ...just off the top of my head...

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