Character classes and their base stats

  • So, in doing the calculations, I'm treating ten HP as 1 Stat point. If you use this to calculate total stats points including bonuses, warden has a total (not including the one point each level and the HP each level) of 90, rogue - 101, druid - 99, and paladin 91.

    For me the first three make sense. Warden should have slightly lower stats, because of its class specific spells which can more than make up the difference. Druid and Rogue have similar total stats. But why would paladin be so low (relatively)?

  • @ponpondv oh my god, great video!

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    @PonponDv Great job on the video! Really useful info and well made. Please, continue making more like these <3

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    Made a separate thread for the video and pinned it in Blog section of the forum. Credits included :)

  • @ron-benvenuti @Lilithian Thank you so much for those kind words ! I really wasn't expecting such a support but I'm highly motivated to get better at this ! Thanks a lot

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    @PonponDv You might want to check Maguss fb page aswell ;)

  • @lilithian Waw, you actually shared it ! lol
    Thank you so much ! Once again you've shown how close you guys are to your fan and it's highly appreciated.
    I'll try to keep it up !
    Good luck on your side too ! The big day is in 4 days now ^^

  • @PonponDv marry me and make our wedding video. Hehehehehehehe no really well done man, awesome video I think we must reccomend for every new player n_n.

  • @PonponDv I'm a bit confused after watching the video because the attributes are different in beta test, I guess they change it but the spells for each class remain the same, I don't really know about the the bonus attributes but I do get +3Crit. Chance @5. I attach some screenshot :D 3_1518920925329_28309679_10211286275331342_568540575_o.png 2_1518920925328_28275184_10211286275411344_888324141_o.png 1_1518920925328_28217991_10211286275851355_325504529_o.png 0_1518920925328_28170485_10211286281211489_564262519_o.png

  • There is a problem with character classes the first day of open beta. They're going to fix it. If you need your character class corrected message them on the Facebook page for Maguss.

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